Monday, January 28, 2013

Arts for Act: "Artists with Heart" Fundraiser at ACT Gallery Ope...

Arts for Act: "Artists with Heart" Fundraiser at ACT Gallery Ope...: Artists with Heart! JoAnn Bedient - Raku Heart Shoe A Group Exhibit raising money fond ACT Gallery A call to local artists was se...

"Artists with Heart" Fundraiser at ACT Gallery Opens February 1

Artists with Heart!
JoAnn Bedient - Raku Heart Shoe
A Group Exhibit raising money fond ACT Gallery
A call to local artists was sent in late December asking for donations of art to help raise money for ACT Gallery and ACT.   The donated art could be no larger than 12” X 12” and must have at least one heart or an endearment incorporated into the created piece.  The money generated from the sell of these pieces would benefit ACT and ACT Gallery.  ACT Gallery is a project of Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc., which has two shelters in Lee County, supporting and housing the victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault and their children.  ACT Gallery helps generate income for ACT.  It has been in existence for 10 years in downtown Fort Myers. Our local artists have really given us a lot of their heart.  So far 29 artists have paid it forward and have completed and delivered over 45 pieces of heartfelt works!  Exhibiting artists are Cheryl Fausel, Honey Costa, Paula Eckerty, Kim Roenigk, JoAnne Bedient, Linda Benson, Claudia Goode, Peg Cullen, Barb Mintz, Vicki Baker, Karen Jarsted, Beth Ivens, Pat Cleveland, Katherine Boren, the artist Zaki, Helen Andrejev, Scott Guelcher, Dale Weber, Eileen McGrath, Mary Widner, Scott Guelcher, Dale Weber, Eileen McGrath, Annette, Michelle Rothaker, Lisa Freidus, Terry Gardiner, Marilyn Hedlund, George F. Draper Harris, Marie Cahill and Andrew Miller.  Come down, see what each artist created with love and buy a piece of art for your Valentine!  Let’s all pay it forward!!          

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art by Kids with Cancer at ACT Gallery opens February First

Art by Kids with Cancer a project of the Young Arts Awards opens at Arts for ACT Gallery on February 1, 2013.  Come in and make a difference by buying a piece of art by Kids with Cancer!


The Young Artists Awards 'Art by Kids with Cancer' project donates and delivers art supplies for use by pediatric oncology patients throughout the year in conjunction with the Child Life Specialists at the Pediatric Oncology/Hematology program at the Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida, while also showcasing the artwork of children with cancer.  They provide monetary assistance to local families in crisis facing the financial challenges of childhood, assisting those families with expenses such as groceries, transportation, and prescription costs.  The program's collaboration with trained specialists at the hospital utilizes art in a therapeutic setting to assist children with cancer. The art supplies purchased and donated are delivered for specialized instruction and are available for both art projects and the children's personal use. The program's multiple 'Art by Kids with Cancer' exhibits throughout the community raise awareness in the general community as to the importance of the arts in healing and the challenges faced by local families of children diagnosed with cancer.

The Young Artists Awards nonprofit organization mats and frames and then showcases, sells, or auctions selected pieces of the children’s artwork at numerous venues throughout Southwest Florida.  For the past four years Arts for ACT Gallery has hosted an art exhibit for The Kids with Cancer.  Trained volunteers are available to talk about the artwork and program during the exhibit.

More information can be found at

Pat Dunn Plein Air Painter

Pat Dunn 
Artist Statement: To paint with passion the colors and light that reflects an inner joy enabling me to creatively express the simple pleasure of life. ~ Pat Dunn
Faces in a French Garden

Pat Dunn finds the smell of paint, the expressive colors of her palette and the sound of a moving brush across the canvas as a way to discover the simple pleasures of a visible adventure in her everyday life.  She has learn to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation in sun-bursting skies, silent shadows, gentle sea breezes, overcast mornings, dancing waters and vibrant colors of a  simple garden. She enjoys capturing pensive moments of people discovering the beauty of our world whether in a gallery or on the sea shore. These are the sensations that drive Pat to the canvas. Nature is her studio and beckons her to seek the ever changing light and colors that always excites the working artist.  She finds that is more fascinating to observe the expression of beauty in the simple things of life. Pat enjoys seeking the sensitive quality of what she feels rather than what she sees. Painting to her is more than recording the visual moment but more what she feels in her heart and soul.

Bailey's Beach
Pat Dunn loves painting on location in the early mornings when the light is ever changing and the world is beginning to come into focus. She likes to take a chance on her emotions and finds real joy in expressing her fulfillment of being a visual communicator through her creative responses. 
Her life has not always been linked to art. She moved from Louisiana to Florida after a career in the medical field. She has since been transplanted to Tennessee and knows her love for the expression of light and color will always be a vital part of her artistic expression, no matter where she sets up her easel.

She has exhibited in Sarasota, Bonita Springs, Sanibel Island, Useppa Island, Giverny France and Fort Myers. She has traveled to France to study with Gale Bennett at ArtStudy Giverny and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Southwest Florida.  Painting is her passion pursued with a great desire to glorify her Creator!

Artist at the Beach

Join Arts for ACT Gallery, located at 2265 First Street in downtown Fort Myers on Friday, February 1, 2013 from 6 to 10 pm for the opening reception and art walk for February 2013.  Meet the artist.  Also enjoy 2 other exhibiting gallery rooms!  "Artists with Heart!" a group exhibit raising money for ACT and ACT Gallery and the Art of Kids with Cancer.  These exhibits continue until Tuesday, February 26, 2013.  

Arts for ACT Gallery provides a quality, contemporary exhibition gallery featuring original art, limited edition prints, giclees, hand-crafted fine crafts, tee shirts, silver and glass bead jewelry, gourd art, raku, clay, and art cards. It is a “must see” destination for all art lovers and collectors, providing a unique opportunity for everyone to learn and enjoy art.  Highlighting the art of the current featured artist, the front gallery, reminiscent of galleries in SoHo, has 12 to 16 foot high ceilings, distressed brick walls, and warm wooden floors. It is a great opportunity to meet the   featured artists, enjoy some local food and have a glass of wine, and engage in lively artful repartee.  The gallery has a boutique with new, vintage and gently used clothing, designer purses, jewelry and more!