Monday, April 18, 2016

Boren, Branchaud and Evans at ACT Gallery in May 2016

Our May featured artists: Katherine Boren, “Textures-Tones”, showing in the main gallery, also featuring Danielle Branchaud “Emotive” in the white gallery, and off the main gallery Shadow Boxes by Ron Evans.  This exhibit continues through May 30, 2016. 

Katherine Boren

In the Main Gallery – Katherine Boren’s series of new works, entitled “Textures-Tones”, continues and expands her exploration of multiple mediums evoking various emotions, events, and places utilizing nonrepresentational techniques.  By focusing on using a predominantly monochromatic palette and utilizing a combination of nontraditional and found materials in unexpected ways, her new works emphasize the reflection of light, varying textures and shapes, and differing grades of color saturation, while addressing universal experiences, environments, and feelings in an intuitive manner.   She emphasizes the use of color, form, and texture to evoke emotional and psychological reactions to her art.  Boren states that her most successful work utilizes a base hue and uses its shades, tones, and tints to encourage further exploration by the viewer.  Originally from New York, Boren studied at New York University, and the New School; she graduated with an emphasis in sculpture from the State University of New York.  Her work has been exhibited at numerous venues in solo, group, juried, and member shows.  More information can be found on her website at

Danielle Branchaud
In the White Gallery  –  Danielle Branchaud
“The things that drive the human experience are based on instinct and emotion. Since the beginning of mankind the ways in which we relate to one another, connect, and evolve have consistently been revolving around those basic drives. And these instincts lurk still, within the depths of the human subconscious.”  States Danielle Branchaud
It is this that prompts the inspiration for D. Branchaud’s work. Combined with a survey of personal experience, her paintings have created a window through the eyes of the subconscious, into a place that illustrates those basest of instincts and emotions. The goal of works such as the “Emotive” series is to illustrate the universality of emotion. It not only serves as a reflection of the artist’s own experience, but also provides a mirror for the audience to see within themselves.
Her work walks a tightrope between fantasy and surrealism, into an honest realm of pure visceral emotion. The “Emotive” series largely skimmed the surface. Her new work is intended to reach new depths, delving into her personal world of dreamscapes. The nightmarish imagery used to illuminate those unconscious thoughts serve as further exploration into the things that make us human.
D. Branchaud was born in Canada in 1985, and has been painting with acrylics since 2003. She currently resides in Florida, and is continuing her series work as well as various commissions and projects. The intimacy that she employs with the “Emotive” and “Visceral” series’ is also applied to portraits (where the goal is not simply to achieve a likeness, but to capture the essence of the subject), as well as conceptual commissions and illustrations. 
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 Small Gallery – Ron Evans
Ron Evans
“The "things"in my art aren't really things,rather shapes that fuse together and connect.  These works become loose and painterly. “ states Ron Evans 

Fort Myers artist Ron Evans will be exhibiting his shadow boxes. Ron considers himself more of a “colourist” as opposed to an “artist.” He tries to capture the interaction of shapes dissolving into a structure of colour. His media of choice is acrylic or watercolour. Ron’s works range in size from small to very large, and are a colourful explosion of abstract fantasy.