Thursday, February 7, 2013

Arts for ACT Gallery Exhibits opening March 1st

Michael Pohlman
Baseball - Michael Pohlman
Baseball Art

Michael Pohlman was raised in Beloit, Wisconsin, where his art training started in a well organized public school program. Mike attended Rollins College and Bradley University in the early 60's on a scholarship for baseball.  He was told that Art and athletics did not mix. He graduated with majors in Physical Education, U.S. History, and Art. He taught all three subjects before moving to Chicago Heights, Illinois. He eventually became Coordinator of Physical Education and Varsity Baseball Coach at Bloom High School. His creative energies went into an innovative Outdoor Adventure curriculum and Baseball program that led him to the Illinois Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame Honors.

Mike began painting again in 1988. He won a spot in the Union Street Galley's inaugural show in 1995 and was offered a studio. Over a ten-year period, his work was shown in multiple venues in Chicago and its suburbs. His abstract series "Before Time" is an extension of his 60's training and his sports renderings incorporate his extensive knowledge of baseball and athletics. Mike says, "Art is like athletics to me. The discipline of the process is the same. You train yourself to use skills to compete for a desired outcome. Whatever the results, you continue to refine your performance along with looking for new ways to use your abilities to succeed."

Mike now paints in Fort Myers, Florida and is the Varsity Pitching Coach at Bishop Verot High School
.  Baseball fans and art lovers alike should not miss this mixed media Baseball exhibit.

City Park by B. A. Mintz

B. A. Mintz

Born in New York City and raised in Southern California, Barb’s first exploration with acrylic paint was decorative and extended from 1967 until 2004. From 2004 until 2008, she studied with Gale Bennett in his studio in Giverny, France, and in workshops in Lee County Florida.  Bennett taught her to see color and shape.  Barb paints entirely from imagination.  Almost like a stream of consciousness in writing, she sees her painting in her mind. Barb feels emotion from the color relationships she uses and likes to experiment with different applications.  As her paintings evolve, figures or objects often emerge.  She encourages these visions to stay, hoping the viewer might envision it too.  Color remains a big passion in her abstract expressionism paintings.  B. A. Mintz’s paintings are in collections in California, Texas, Vermont, Georgia and Florida. 

Artist Statement:  “Color and Music are languages we all understand. They skip over our logic and go right to our soul. They evoke feelings that words find difficult to express.  I hope my paintings convey this to the viewer.” ~ B. A. Mintz

These exhibits continue through Monday, April 1, 2013.   

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