Friday, May 11, 2012

June at Arts for ACT Gallery

 JoAnne Bedient, Charlie Brown, Andy Browne, Lalita Cofer, Katie Gardenia, Kim Hambor, Charles Lister, Barbara Murdoch, Carole Nasters, Rod Busch, Joan Roberts, Susan Sadler,Sarah Kiser, Connie Sebring, Ron Sebring, Christina Wyatt and Steve Bufter from Sanibel's Tower Gallery will be displaying their works in the main gallery salon.  These creative artists will come together to share this special exhibit with Fort Myers residents and tourists and to celebrate the fine arts!  Expect to see eclectic paintings on wood and wood carvings, acrylic and oil paintings, watercolors, paintings painted with paper, hand-sculpted fantasy art dolls, whimsical magical and endearing mermaids, adornments, raku fired clay, Gyotaku, the Japanese art of fish painting, photography, paintings in the surrealism style, fused glass artistry and more.

     Also exhibiting off the main salon, Alisha Koyanis will be displaying her "Paper Doll Shadow Box Series."  Alisha Koyanis is an upcoming  self-taught painter residing in sunny southwest Florida. Born in Nashua, New Hampshire and raised in the tiny state of Rhode Island. Alisha is known for her colorful and whimsical style that started at an early age. Raised by a mother who dressed her from head to toe in brightly colored outfits which usually never matched.  The creativity does not stop there, she also creates; rock stars on records, weird colorful beasts on canvas and oil paintings of her three fuzzy bunnies. Found objects are her pallet of choice. If it doesn’t move there is a good chance she will paint on it and no guarantees if it does move.  She has painted murals in local businesses and private residences. When Alisha is not painting she can be found teaching art to her elementary and middle school students. A source in which she also draws great inspiration.

Gael Collar will be exhibiting "Cues from Picasso's Cubism" off the main gallery in the white gallery room. She works in mostly acrylics, but does portraits and sketches in other mediums as well.  Gael studied art in New York, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and now in Florida, where she continues to train in workshops and classes.  She has many varieties of styles, and is always trying new methods to attain higher levels of understanding in what she feels is right for her.  Often she mixes old and new works together to demonstrate her thinking and changes over the years.  Now Gael is taking "Cues from Picasso's Cubism" for this exhibit.