Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art by Kids with Cancer at ACT Gallery opens February First

Art by Kids with Cancer a project of the Young Arts Awards opens at Arts for ACT Gallery on February 1, 2013.  Come in and make a difference by buying a piece of art by Kids with Cancer!


The Young Artists Awards 'Art by Kids with Cancer' project donates and delivers art supplies for use by pediatric oncology patients throughout the year in conjunction with the Child Life Specialists at the Pediatric Oncology/Hematology program at the Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida, while also showcasing the artwork of children with cancer.  They provide monetary assistance to local families in crisis facing the financial challenges of childhood, assisting those families with expenses such as groceries, transportation, and prescription costs.  The program's collaboration with trained specialists at the hospital utilizes art in a therapeutic setting to assist children with cancer. The art supplies purchased and donated are delivered for specialized instruction and are available for both art projects and the children's personal use. The program's multiple 'Art by Kids with Cancer' exhibits throughout the community raise awareness in the general community as to the importance of the arts in healing and the challenges faced by local families of children diagnosed with cancer.

The Young Artists Awards nonprofit organization mats and frames and then showcases, sells, or auctions selected pieces of the children’s artwork at numerous venues throughout Southwest Florida.  For the past four years Arts for ACT Gallery has hosted an art exhibit for The Kids with Cancer.  Trained volunteers are available to talk about the artwork and program during the exhibit.

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