Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Berreitter, Brodersen, Anfinsen and Koyanis at ACT Gallery

Press Release
Join Arts for ACT Gallery, located at 2265 First Street in downtown Fort Myers on Friday, December 06, 2013 from 6 to 10 pm for the opening reception and art walk for November 2013.  This month, ACT Gallery will feature two photographers,Lynn Berreitter & Pam Brodersen, the art of Carol Anfinsen and mixed media art by Alisha Koyanis.  Come downtown to view great art and support ACT Gallery and Boutique. 
The Red Fish House Lynn Berreitter
Lynn Berreitter's interest in photography came at an early age while watching her Father develop images of her in his basement darkroom. Fascinated by the process, she picked up her sisters brownie camera and began to take photos. She still has those black and white pictures from the late 1960’s which were taken to the local pharmacy for developing. She was finally able to "play" in the darkroom when she took her first photography class in 7th grade. Through school, she played with 110 cameras and amassed many snapshots and photo albums and fell in love with the camera. For her 12th grade graduation, she received a Canon TX as a  present, her first SLR camera with interchangeable lenses.  In college, Lynn worked on the school newspaper and spent many hours in the darkroom. She became a freelancer with the local Trenton, NJ newspapers, opened up her own black and white archival print lab, and worked at photographing the local flavor of the area. The introduction to Digital came later with her first DSLR which was purchased in 2003. The switch from shooting people to shooting nature happened when she and her husband moved to Florida. Fighting the “manipulation of the image” she strived to keep her images pure and unaltered. With the advent of the iphone, that all changed. The pure fun of shooting with the iphone was irresistible.  Not only did she start to use her iphone everyday to shoot, she also uses toy cameras with film to experience why she picked up that camera in the first place. It’s been a long love affair that she hopes will continue to the end.  
World's Largest by Pam Brodersen
Pam Brodersen is a digital artist whose process goes far beyond the taking of a digital photograph.  A stylus on a pressure sensitive monitor becomes her brush and allows her to hand work her images.  Computer software becomes her digital darkroom.  With a mastery of these tools and technology there is no restriction to her creativity. Pam is a full time resident of Sanibel, who draws on her experience as a commercial photographic illustrator.  In her Chicago studio she worked on national advertising campaigns for clients such as Kelloggs, United Airlines,  MacDonalds, Pillsbury, Disney.  Her commercial film work won both national and local Gold Addys.  She continues to win awards with her digital images.

Ragaae Night Carol Anfinsen 
Carol Anfinsen – "The Human Spirit -- a Celebration of People and Places" Showing off the main Gallery 
Carol started her fine art career first as a freelance writing consultant. She also wrote children’s stories and articles for children's magazines. This led to a contract for writing a series of educational video scripts for children which branched out into adult education and training projects; consulting with such entities as Marshfilm Companies, The Learning Exchange, local school districts, Courage Center, St. Paul Companies, Vancouver Aquarium, and Northwest Airlines.  Carol has created children’s stories, scripts, educational and training materials for schools, physician organizations and corporations. She has designed and written newsletters, brochures, stationery and varied marketing materials using elements of graphic design.  Carol believes there is spirit, voice, and emotion even in inanimate objects, but especially in living things. She envisions each object, each life force speaking out – no, shouting out to her. Carol tries to portray nature as honestly and beautifully as she sees it. She exaggerates color and movement. Having a vivid imagination her portraits are a favorite. Carol hopes viewers will experience joy when they look at my paintings.

Alisha Koyanis is a new and emerging artist but is quickly making her mark in the art scene. She has been featured in galleries, won awards and even started her own event Drink and Doodle in Southwest Florida. She is an art teacher in Fort Myers, Fl. She attended FSU, but is a self taught painter. She was raised in Rhode Island by her mother who fed her creative imagination full of colorful, whimsical creatures which can be seen in her work today. Alisha's work can be best described as a skittles bag explosion of color. Not a tradition artist inspiration is drawn from comic, tattoos, childhood adventures, found materials, family and friends. Each piece does not follow a constant theme. However, each piece is bright and eye catching in hopes of bringing happiness to the viewer.
Angry Attack Smore - Alisha Koyanis

These exhibits continue through Monday, December 30, 2013

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